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 4 Points for Custom Perfume Packaging Boxes Wholesale

You can stand out from the crowd by applying a good finish to your custom perfume packaging boxes wholesale. The ‘ideal finishing’ combines a few carefully selected items together to make the perfect wholesale perfume boxes. The elements are as follows. 

  • Use of high-quality material in perfume box packaging
  • Stylish perfume containers inside the perfume packaging boxes
  • Proper dimensions and inserts for wholesale perfume boxes
  • High-quality printing and finishing coats

Use Of a High-Quality Material in Perfume Box Packaging

High-quality material is the essential element to design custom perfume packaging boxes in wholesale quantity. The best material is solid, light-weighted, quality persistent, shielding from external factors, and suitable for printing and coloring options. Perfume boxes consist of standardized and premium packaging in the US market. Therefore, the ideal material is Brown Kraft, White Kraft, Card Board, and Rigid. For shipment, perfume boxes are further packed inside the E-Flute corrugated material. 

Either Brown or White, Kraft provides a solid, eco-friendly, light-weighted, and protective material for wholesale perfume box making. It is organic and dyeable in custom colors—furthermore, it’s pretty good with printing and labeling items. 

Cardboard is heat persistent in addition to being strong and protective. It’s also ideal for perfume box making. The density of these materials is customizable as per requirement. Ensure that proper thickness is maintained to handle the perfume container with inserts in the best way.   

Stylish Perfume Containers Inside the Perfume Packaging Boxes

In wholesale perfume boxes sizes, and styles are of the seller’s choice. You can choose standardized measures and also variations as per your need. The only thing to consider here is that the size and style should always be lightweight and easy to handle. 

Proper Dimensions and Inserts for Wholesale Perfume Boxes

Dimensions are the prime element in perfume packaging. Hence, the dimensions are to be taken carefully. Take notes on the exact perfume container size and density of the insert you will put around the perfume container for safety purposes. Add these dimensions and then increase box size just a bit to make the handling easy. Easy handling means it should be easy and quick to take the inserts and perfume container out of the perfume packaging. Otherwise, it will ruin the client’s experience.

High-Quality Printing and Finishing Coats

Printing, branding, and finishing coats should be high-quality and vibrant colors. High-quality printing adds a spice even to the organic perfume packaging box. in addition to this, the sleek and shiny finishing sheet will add up a premium look to your custom perfume packaging boxes. The finishing coats must align with the genre of perfume you are packing. Otherwise, it will create a disaster in wholesale perfume box packaging. 


Custom perfume packaging boxes wholesale are cost-efficient options to choose from them. Only carefulness is required throughout the process of selection and implementation. Materials, sizes, dimensions, styles, and final looks should stay aligned and in proper presentation.  Proper quality and finishing is a must.    


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