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Top 5 Most Selling Salt Blast Flavors

If you are looking for the Best Salt Blast Vape Juice, you have come to the right place! Salt Blast Vape Juice is the number one choice for e-liquid enthusiasts everywhere. In fact, it is a wildly popular brand, with dozens of different flavors to choose from. If you’re looking for a great taste, you can’t go wrong with one of their many delicious flavors!

Dinner Lady – Lemon Tart

If you’re looking for a sweet e-liquid that tastes like your favourite dessert, then look no further than the Desserts range from Dinner Lady. With the award-winning Lemon Tart topping the list of best dessert flavors, this e-liquid range is sure to please all of your taste buds. Its sweet banana base and chilly menthol finish make Lemon Tart a popular choice for vapers.

The Dinner Lady – Lemon Tart e-liquid is made from 50/50 nic salts. Lemon tart is an old-fashioned fruit lemon curd that’s been baked into a pastry crust. The result is a mouth-watering vape that features a sweet cookie on the inhale and tart lemon cream on the exhale. The dessert e-liquid is so smooth and delicious that it’s sure to make you feel good about yourself after vaping it.

Pod Juice – Watermelon Blast

Pod Juice’s Watermelon Blast flavor is like a refreshing, sweet watermelon smoothie! This salt-nicotine vape juice is also available in a tobacco-free salt version. The salt content in this e-liquid gives it a greater nicotine impact without losing any of its smoothness and flavor. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced vape, this salty flavor will satisfy all your tastes.

Pod Juice offers nicotine salt e-liquids in six new flavor varieties. The salty e-liquids come in a convenient 15ml bottle. They come in different nicotine strengths, from 18 mg to 36 mg. The nicotine content in these pods is 50/50. Nicotine salts come in a range of flavors, from tobacco to tons of fruit. Banana Strawberry and Watermelon Blast are two of the top-selling salt blast flavors.

SadBoy – Euro Gold Tobacco

If you’re looking for a new vape juice, look no further than SadBoy. This tobacco-based vape juice comes in a 70/30 VG/PG blend and comes in two nicotine concentration levels: 0 mg and 3 mg. Its rich, creamy taste reminds many vapers of strawberry bubblegum. For added satisfaction, SadBoy offers a nicotine shot, and their e-liquids come in a child-resistant Unicorn Bottle.

SadBoy e-juice is an affordable, impressive line-up of flavors. The company divides its flavors into lines, and you can choose from a wide variety of nicotine salt flavors. The Cookie line features several classic flavors like Shamrock Cookie and Strawberry Jam, while the Euro Gold line offers a variety of nicotine salt formulas. However, if you’re looking for a tobacco flavor with a distinct Caribbean flavor, Euro Gold is probably the best choice.

Yami Vapor – Icy Trio

The Yami Vapor – Isabha line of e-liquids features three different fruity, tart, and cool salt nicotine e-liquids. The Yami Salt Icy Trio is one of the fruitiest salt nicotine e-liquids in the industry. The company’s Salt Nicotine e-liquids are primarily made for closed vapor devices. Open devices should avoid these juices because they contain nicotine.

The Yami Vapor – Isabvape juice is a 70/30 vegetable glycerin base that provides ample vapor production. The fruity fusion taste of Icy Trio will make you feel refreshed and satisfied. This vape juice is a great ADV, with a flavor profile ranging from tart to juicy.

I Love Salts

The new I Love Salts line of nicotine salt e-liquids is a perfect fit for portable vaporizers or pod systems. Each flavor is crafted from the highest quality ingredients to deliver a delicious vape experience. I Love Salts comes in either a 25mg or 50mg strength, and each bottle includes information about the flavor profile, nicotine strength, PG/VG ratio, and bottle size. The colors and design of the bottles make the bottles look great and the flavor mixes look premium.

These juices are made by Mad Hatter, a Southern California-based company known for producing high-quality e-liquids. Their line of salt nicotine E-liquids includes a gourmet collection of fruity flavors that will make you fall in love with vaping. The nic salts in these products are highly concentrated, ensuring an impressive throat hit while giving you a satisfying buzz. Mad Hatter offers a wide variety of flavor profiles and nicotine concentrations, so there is a nic salt flavor that is sure to be a hit.


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